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An Abscess Tooth

Our teeth may be small compared to the rest of our body, but an abscess tooth can feel huge.

So what is a tooth abscess?

What does it look like?

What are the treatment options when I go to the dentist?

The Diagnosis Of An Abscess Tooth:

When you first come to the dental office for tooth pain, we will want to diagnosis the problem/cause of your pain.

Dental x-rays are an excellent tool to see your teeth and bone.
At Dr. Wempe's office in Estevan, we use digital x-rays. We can then begin to narrow down the pain.

If we see a dark circle at the bottom of your root, we generally call that an abscess. If we see deep a cavity that touches the nerve of the tooth, it is clear the tooth is abscessing.

After we take x-rays, we look in the mouth to see if there are any gum boils/bumps in the area of pain. We will ask if any bumps come and go or drain in your mouth.

Once we take as much information as we can, Dr. Wempe can then decide if the pain is a tooth abscess, a gum abscess or a combination of both.


tooth picture abcess tooth


Treatment Of An Abscess Tooth:

When it comes to infection in the body, it is important to have it cleared up as soon as possible. Now, certainly we can't diagnose your tooth online, but here are some common results.

Depending on the type of abscess, you may need to be on antibiotics first. In some cases, working on a tooth that has active infection surrounding it would be very painful because the pH of the infection neutralizes our freezing.

We want you to be very comfortable during all our procedures so a week or so of antibiotics may have to come before your treatment.

Then it is a matter of removing the infection. How? By either removing the tooth with an extraction, or removing the infected nerve with a root canal.

In the case of infected gums, we would need to clean with scaling and root planing. And often we recommend warm salt water rinses to help flush out the infection for healing.

If you suspect an abscessed tooth, call as soon as you can. Leaving infection for your body to fight off is very hard on you, and may lead to more serious health issues.

Abscess Tooth? Call Us.

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